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Refer a Friend For A Microsoft Stack Job

Know Someone Interested In Microsoft Stack?

The referral scheme Mortimer Bell has introduced aims to illustrate our intention to work with you and to help our relationship grow as we place Microsoft Stack professionals in top vacancies. We want to reward you for sharing your network of Microsoft Stack contacts with us as we share our network with you.

Mortimer Bell has two referral schemes:

Candidate referrals – Refer a friend or colleague for a Microsoft Stack job from the Mortimer Bell International jobs database.

Business / client referrals – refer a colleague/hiring manager that we do not currently work alongside and who are actively recruiting for Microsoft Stack positions.

With our extensive expertise and experience dealing with Microsoft, we are happy to reward you with Microsoft products. Our referrals change from month to month, so for further information on our current referral please contact us on 0191 5000 886

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Terms & Conditions

The successful candidate who is introduced to MBI must not currently or previously be registered with our database, or already be actively in an engagement with our business. For any fixed term contract position less than 12 months, the referral reward will be paid on a pro rata basis. The Microsoft gift will be sent to you once the client has successfully paid the placement invoice fee to MBI and the rebate period is successfully passed – both of which are subject to our client payment and rebate terms.

The reward is only payable if the introduced candidate is offered and starts their new role at our client within 6 months of their introduction to MBI. In the event of an introduction being made on the same day as a direct application from the same candidate, the direct application will be accepted as the introduction and no referral reward will be applicable. MBI will have the final decision on all referral rewards.

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