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Microsoft Jobs

On an international scale, Mortimer Bell offers driven and ambitious job seekers wide-ranging and exciting vacancies requiring specialist skills in Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint and Sage.

Our experienced recruitment team bases a portfolio of opportunities specifically around an in-depth and classified series of discussions. This process ensures that you leave with the ideal job to suit your career path, whatever role and level of responsibility you are looking to take on.

Permanent Staff

For any business, the ideal long-term solution is to secure permanent contracts for experienced, loyal and committed members of staff. That is why Mortimer Bell International is building a large worldwide database of candidates suited to your vacancy.

Mortimer Bell has a vast level of experience and we make it our business to understand your business recruitment needs inside-out before matching any candidates to your role. This attention to detail and level of customer service are behind our reputation for consistently matching the right candidates to the right jobs, so our clients need never use another recruitment service. That is what sets Mortimer Bell apart from the competition.

Contract/Freelance Clients

When recruiting short-term or freelance staff, time is always of the essence, Mortimer Bell International deals only with the best in the fields of Microsoft Dynamics, Sage and SharePoint meaning you can have a shortlist of suitable temporary contract staff on your desk within 24 hours.

Our database of temporary candidates covers a huge range of professionals worldwide. This extensive provision ensures that you find the perfect match, not only for the technical cover required, but also one to fit with your company’s profile and characteristics. With Mortimer Bell, you can find the freelance staff you need at short notice without compromising on quality.


Where experience or a lack of potential candidates becomes an issue, Mortimer Bell International can carry out a meticulous search to find the specific person to match your needs.

Our exceptional recruitment consultants first have a series of consultations to ascertain exactly what you are looking for when scouring our far-reaching network across both Europe and the rest of the world. In such a vital process f or your business, Mortimer Bell leaves no stone unturned to source exactly the right person for your executive role.


The graduate market offers a vast pool of potential talent, which renews and refreshes itself every year. Thousands of university leavers are looking to take their first steps into the world of work annually and this group often contains many strong candidates with hugely desirable skills and unlimited potential.

At Mortimer Bell International, we scour this selection of young and ambitious graduates and identify those with the skills required for your organisation. Although we specialise in Microsoft jobs requiring Dynamics, Sage and SharePoint skills this is not an exhaustive list – our database of graduates is rich with other talents and capabilities.

We are perfectly placed with our wealth of experience and database of graduates to supply you with the perfect young professional for your company’s needs

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