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Rewards & Incentives

At Mortimer Bell International we understand that there is no substitute for a motivated workforce. People perform better when they are amply rewarded for what they do – that is why we offer such a comprehensive incentive scheme full details of which can be seen below.

  • Monthly lunch clubs – If you hit monthly targets – enjoy the afternoon off, fully-paid, in the finest restaurants while celebrating your success with your colleagues and the CEO of Mortimer Bell International.
  • Weekend getaways – A five-star weekend away package, including first class travel and first class hotels, e.g., golf days at St. Andrews or spa breaks at Oulton Hall or Seaham Hall.
  • Annual team & office incentives – Free lunch, champagne, evening steak dinners with managers and other mystery MBI prizes.
  • Company football tickets – The top biller and most valuable person (MVP) of that current month will be given Mortimer Bell International’s tickets to watch a Premier League football game.
  • Uncapped commission – You get out what you put in. You control the size of your pay packet.
  • First deal – We like to reward success and will provide you with a bottle of champagne for completing your first deal and passing your probation.
  • Unlimited career progression – We will provide you with a career structure so that you make the most of your employment at MBI, and get to the level you wish to be at. We like to promote in-house, so rising to the top can be achieved.
  • Holiday entitlement – All MBI employees receive 20 days’ paid vacation.
  • Induction programme – New staff enjoy the chance to learn directly from the CEO and have organised meet and greets with the founder. They will also undergo group activities and be allowed to shadow Senior Consultants to learn from past Top Billers. At the end of your first week you will be invited to a Welcome Dinner held by the CEO to welcome you to Mortimer Bell International and to socialise with your fellow new trainees.

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