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Exclusive Interview with Richard Hindmarch


Exclusive Interview with Richard Hindmarch

Name: Richard Hindmarch
Age: 23
Job Title: Senior Recruitment Consultant
Education: The University of Cambridge, 1st Class Degree in Land Economy
Mortimer Bell International: Newcastle Headquarters

Three words to describe yourself?

Driven, honest and competitive.

Why did you get into recruitment?

I was basically looking for a stop-gap between University and a full career in say, London, probably in Financial Services or Property, something along those lines. I joined Mortimer Bell on an ad-hoc basis. They allowed me to go for interviews in London, so I would come in and do a bit of resourcing and book time off to go down there. Whilst I was here I saw how much money was being made by just two individuals in the company, the clients they were working with and the potential of the organisation. So, instead of going down to London I decided to stay here for a few months, see how it played out and give it a good shot as a Recruitment Consultant. It went very well, I built out my own market, made myself a fair bit of money at a relatively young age straight out of University and I decided to stay on which was been great ever since.

What motivates you?

Money definitely motivates me as well as beating competition, whether that’s external organisations doing Microsoft recruitment, or my colleagues. I want to be the top biller, I want to be the best recruiter, I want to get the most interviews, and I always want to win. So that’s pretty much what motivates me: money and competitiveness.

 Greatest achievement at MBI?

Probably breaking the record for the biggest month. I think the record stood at about £45,000, then I did  five deals which equated to £67,500. That’s a record I want to break again and keep on breaking, and I think that’s a good ambition to have.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would like to grow my career at Mortimer Bell and move into a leadership position, ideally running the US Market within MBI.

What do you typically do outside of work?

Outside of work – besides being a workaholic – I play a lot of Snooker, watch football, all the standard things that you’d expect from a 23 year old guy.

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