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Microsoft Recruitment Specialists

As Microsoft Recruitment Specialists, Mortimer Bell International hand-pick the best candidates for any vacancy in Microsoft recruitment, there is no substitute for this attention to detail.

Time and time again, our consultants are matching the perfect professional jobs right across the spectrum - from temporary technical consultants to experienced executives. We have the knowledge to get the results you need from recruitment.
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Microsoft Recruitment Specialists

Experience in the industry enables us to work with an exceptional network of companies and employees. As a Microsoft Recruitment Specialist, you can be sure that our extensive database holds the perfect individual for your vacancy. Likewise, as a job seeker our vast range of employers will hold your ideal job. Mortimer Bell holds the key to unlock the recruitment process and give superb results time after time.

As you can see from our company philosophy and ‘what makes us different’, it is our case-specific approach which leaves our clients satisfied and keen to work with us again.

Every job is different, as is every employee - that is why Mortimer Bell pays the due time and attention to make certain that you get what you need every time you use our services.

Our Philosophy

At Mortimer Bell International, a simple and honest philosophy is the key to the way in which we work. We provide companies with a tailored process to select the perfect professional for their vacancy. For job seekers, our offering is equally simple - after registering and entering your details using our extensive database of employers and vacancies we will find the perfect job for you. When it comes to recruitment, this simple formula ensures that we consistently deliver the best results for you, as a job seeker and as an employer, and one of the reasons why we are leading Microsoft Recruitment Specialists.

Why Choose Mortimer Bell?

One size does not fit all

At Mortimer Bell, we understand the vital fact that in recruitment one size does not fit all. Every sector is different requiring different personalities and skills to succeed. What’s more, every company also has its own specific needs. That’s why we listen to your needs and ensure we understand both your sector and your business before recommending any candidate

Always striving for improvement

Mortimer Bell International never rests on its laurels. Whether it is our website, our network of potential employees or the skills of our customer service team, we make every effort to remain on top of our game and strive to set the standard for the recruitment industry to follow.

Across-the-board recruitment

The sector in which we recruit is not limited. As seen throughout our website, we provide recruitment services for permanent staff, temporary staff and executives as well as graduates. Our range of roles covered renders us the one-stop-shop for recruitment needs and encourages employers coming back time and time again.

Customer service (and training) at Mortimer Bell

Mortimer Bell International’s customer service specialists are experts in what they do. They are trained to listen to your needs and ensure that you as the customer come first - is time of the essense in finding a quick replacement? Or is it more important to proceed carefully to find exactly the right candidate through a longer process? These are the questions we constantly ask ourselves in the customer service procedure. The result is that you get the candidate you want, in every case.

Huge existing network of candidates & companies

With us, you can be certain of accessing an already exceptional range of candidates and companies. Our network currently stretches across Europe and the rest of the world. This ensures that whatever role you are looking to fill, Mortimer Bell has the ideal candidate waiting for your call.

Microsoft Job Search

Mortimer Bell International have an extensive database of Microsoft jobs, with new vacancies being added almost every day. We have vacancies for every Microsoft Stack category including Microsoft Sharepoint jobs, Microsoft Business Intelligence jobs, Microsoft Dynamics jobs and more.

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