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A Day In The Life Of A Recruitment Consultant – Richard Hindmarch


A Day In The Life Of A Recruitment Consultant – Richard Hindmarch

A Day In The Life Of A Recruitment Consultant – Richard Hindmarch

Recruiter Profile
Name: Richard Hindmarch
Job Title: Recruitment Consultant
Education: The University of Cambridge
Mortimer Bell International: Newcastle Headquarters

How did you start at Mortimer Bell International?
I was looking for a stop-gap between university and a job in London and Mortimer Bell allowed me to join as a short-term resourcer.
After a while I saw how big the opportunity at Mortimer Bell was, so I joined full time and became a consultant.

What is your favourite part of working at Mortimer Bell International?
Helping people find their dream job and being good at what I do

How do you help find jobs for candidates?
I found out exactly what they are looking for and send them to every conceivable company I can think of that would be a match for what they are looking for. I also approach companies I do not work with to tell them about the person who would be a perfect fit for them

What advice would you give to anyone who is currently looking for a job right now?
Make sure your CV repeats what your skillset buzzwords are as many times as possible. Recruiters will be more likely to find you and help you find a new role if you show up higher on their search. Also, apply to as many jobs as possible, and follow through on your interviews – you cannot half-arse an interview, go the whole hog!

What is the biggest mistake you see job seekers make?
They give up too easily. One or two rejections and they stop actively looking or go into interviews with a negative mind-set. Keep looking and keep putting 100% effort into every interview you get. Take it from someone who calls hundreds of people a day with no answer – the one time you get through will make it all worthwhile

What do you like to do when you are not working?
I literally work all of the time because I love my job! Just kidding… I watch a lot of football, play snooker, drink beer, visit places at the weekend, nothing too exciting really.

What is an unusual fact about yourself?
I am fully qualified FA referee… yep!

Any final words for the job seekers reading this?
Give me a call

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